Bouquet Shapes

Rustic Hand-tie

The rustic hand-tie is all about natural beauty and not one thing about it is contrived. It has a “I just whipped this incredible thing up from my garden” look about it, yet attention to detail is there and the design of a stunning colour palette, the right foliage and making sure balance is right. It is a very on trend bouquet choice and ties in well with the modern outdoorsy wedding day.


The cascading bouquet traditionally was about elegance and formality, and this style still has it’s place and can look incredible with a dress that has a long train and a veil, in a formal setting like a church or vineyard. These days though we have put a modern spin on the teardrop, it has a whimsical feel to it with more foliage and less structure, making it the perfect shape for any wedding be it a garden, beach or formal venue. The lines are less bold therefore suiting more types of dresses than ever before.


The crescent is a modern shape that has a quaint feel about it, the design is one with effort yet without having to look that way. It has a garden feel where the blooms are prettily placed in a quarter moon like shape and the foliage flows on each side and throughout giving it unity and harmony. Crescents can be a subtle shape or a more defined shape depending on how the flowers and foliage are used and what look is desired. They tie in well any wedding day as the flowers and structure can be tweaked to suit formal-casual.


The round bouquet has been in trend for well over a decade now and it still has it’s place, being elegant and pretty with the prefect shape of a pretty flower ball that doesn’t over ride any wedding dress but compliments it, the key is not too big or small. It suits any type of wedding again as it is not trying to stand out but to accent the day with your choice of favourite blooms and little greenery.

Single stem

Perfect for showcasing your favourite bloom (preferably a larger form like peony, sunflower, dahlia, protea, lilly) without over complicating the design or budget. We are seeing this option become more popular, especially with lots of foliage added to give it more fullness. Perfect for creating yourself as this is not a complicated look to achieve yet adds impact with its single bloom standing out.