Bridal bouquet and 4 simple bridesmaid posies…

Eucalyptus, Laurel, David Austin Style and Peony Bridal Bouquet Set - Tutorial

Step 1 - click photo to buy flowers and foliage

Flowers and foliage needed for x 4 bridesmaids bouquet and x 1 bridal bouquet. These tutorials are for adults only and please take appropriate safety precautions when using scissors and wire cutters.

Step 2

Cut garland up into stems - notice I am cutting each piece at the top of the next leaf leaving the stem as long as possible

Step 3

Separate the foliage into 5 groups, 3-4 pieces per bridesmaid and 4-6 for the bridal bouquet. Separate the eucalyptus giving 1 stem per bouquet.

Step 4

Add 1 peony to each group, giving the bridal bouquet 2.

Step 5

Separate the vintage white bouquet up giving 1 peony or David Austen rose and hydrangea pick to each bridesmaid. (please note 2 will have David Austen and 2 will have a peony) This leaves 2 roses and 2 peonies for the bridal bouquet.

Step 6

Flowers and foliage all ready to go! Time to begin putting the bouquets together.

Step 7

Bridesmaid Bouquet: Take the peony in hand holding it with fingers and thumb.

Step 8

Add a piece of the Laurel garland, behind the peony.

Step 9

Add in the rose to the side and the eucalyptus at the back.

Step 10

Add in the hydrangea pick at the back a little higher than the other blooms so it shows from the front and add more Laurel leaves in the gaps and around edges. Tie your bouquet tightly right up the top where your fingers have been holding it.

Step 11

Bridal bouquet: Start with a David Austen Rose and a piece of Laurel placed at the back and to the side slightly.

Step 12

Add in the other vintage rose a little higher and behind the first one, also add two more stems of Laurel leaf to the left and back.

Step 13

Add in the dusky pink peonies one on each side, higher than the front flower, more in line with the height of the back rose.

Step 14

Add in the two vintage peonies one at the back and slighty higher than the rest, and the other tucked into the front beside the first rose.

Step 15

Add the eucalyptus stem at the back and any left over laurel leaves in any gaps around the adges.

Step 16

Lean your bouquet at the edge of a table to slightly rest it down (without letting it go!) while you tie it off at the top where your fingers have been, tie it tightly.

Step 17

Choose your desired finishing touches, ie lace, hessain, twine, or ribbon. Today I am using ribbon. Using a good craft glue place a bit on the back of where you have tied your bouquet.

Step 18

Cut about 30cm of ribbon and place it on the glue.

Step 19

Wrap the ribbon around firmly going a third of the way down the stems and back up to the top finishing and gluing it at the back.

Step 20

Finish all bouquets with your ribbon or chosen finishing touches.