Burgundy and Cream Dahlia and Peony Set…

This set makes x2 bridesmaids x 1 bridal and x 3 button holes.

Materials - Click Photo to buy Flowers and Foliage

x1 burgundy and blush pink chrysanthemum bouquet | x1 vintage cream peony bouquet | x3 Flocked grass stem x 4 lambs ear with 16 leaves You will also need ribbon or twine to tie and finish off the binding your bouquets | Scissors | Wire Cutters | A good craft glue | These tutorials are for adults only and please take appropriate safety precautions when using scissors and wire cutters.

Step 1

Divide the foliage into groups giving more to the bridal pile, and also cutting a few leaves off the bottom of a brunch for the button hole's foliage. Divide up the bouquets however you like, I gave the bridesmaids one flower of each colour, peony buds for the button holes and the rest for the bridal bouquet.

Step 2

Starting with a bridesmaid bouquet take the burgundy bloom as this will be the front and main flower, take one piece of lambs ear and place it beside it and the peony behind the two so it makes a triangle shape. Hold your stems between your left fingers and thumb (if right handed) and vise versa.

Step 3

Place a stem of flocked grass beside the burgundy bloom and another piece beside the cream bloom. Then the last lams ear piece and pink bloom in the middle. Now check you are happy with the layout before you tie your bouquet off.

Step 4

Tie your bouquet off tightly right at the top where your fingers were holding the bouquet. It helps to place the bouquet down on the table once the twine is tightly wrapped three or four times to then do a double knot.

Step 5

Create both bridesmaids bouquets first and now start the bridal bouquet. Take a cream bloom and piece of lambs ear placing the bloom amounsgt it.

Step 6

Place a burgundy, pink and cream bloom behind the framing the stems already held. Now add a piece of lambs ear behind , and two flocked grass stems behind and between the back and at the side.

Step 7

Now on the lift side place a pink and cream bloom, a piece of lambs ear behind the the cream peony and the last piece of flocked grass at the back. Before tying your bouquet off check that you are happy with the bouquet. Instead of taking it all apart if you are unsure, stand in the mirror and see if it is just one or two stems that need a shuffle up or down, left or right.

Step 8

Lay your bouquets on the table and cut the stems to be even ish, too perfect is not needed as I find the flowers look more real if not 100% perfect.

Step 9

Choose the binding material and place a blob of glue at the top and back of the bouquet and start winding the ribbon around and down a third of the way down and back up again, tightly. Glue it secure at the back. If desired cut another piece of ribbon and tie in a double knot at the top front. Cut the ribbon on an angle at the ends for a more pleasing and softer finsh. I like the ribbon to come past the ends of the stems bu not by heaps.

Step 10

For the button holes, cut the stem short leaving the length of the flower head at least. Place a lambs ear leaf behind the flower and a bit of flocked grass to the back/side. Tie off with twine tightly.

Step 11

Attach ribbon to the button holes if you want the ribbon look. I tend to wrap the ribbon round two or three times at the top and half way down then do a double knot.

Step 12

Admire your work!