Cascading/Teardrop Bouquet Tutorial

Flowers and foliage

You can choose nearly any flowers and foliage for our site to create yourself a teardrop bouquet but today I have used the following (click on the photo above to find out). These tutorials are for adults only and please take appropriate safety precautions when using scissors and wire cutters.

Step 1

With garden secators cut the foliage into pieces, approx 12 pieces of ivy and 5 pieces of willow. Separate the bouquets out.

Step 2

Take your peonie three head stem and bend it in half completely to create the start of your teardrop.

Step 3

Start to build the shape of your bouquet by adding flowers around the main focal point being the large peonies. Then add both ivy and willow pieces to frame the adges and create more of the outline shape.

Step 4

Add another layer of flowers to define this shape even more.

Step 5

For the flowers that will hang down creating the teardrop shape bend them into a u shape at the bottom of the stem so when you add them to the bouquet they naturally hang down.

Step 6

Bend more flowers into a u shape at different lengths of the stem to create a grading down effect and add several more flowers in.

Step 7

Add the rest of the foliage in, place some at the sides and again making a u shape so some pieces can cascade down. Tie you bouquet off once reasonably happy with layout. Now look at the balance and see if anything needs chaging, bending into shape, twisting the ivy into place, pulling out slightly or pushing flowers down more. i.e tweaking everthing to get the right balance and look.

Step 8

Cut the stems to the desired length and place in a very study vase/vessel and take a photo to see if anything again needs changing. Admire your work!

Step 9

Admire your work!