How to make a buttonhole…

Make this beautiful button hole

Follow these steps and modify to create your own designs.

Step 1

Choose one small flower, and two or three leaves or textural flowers. The tools and materials needed are wire cutters, twine, scissors and parafilm (from local florist) or you can just use twine. Also craft glue. These tutorials are for adults only and please take appropriate safety precautions when using scissors and wire cutters.

Step 2

With wire cutters cut each item at the base if its a leaf or leaving 4-5 cm for the flower.

Step 3

Starting at the base of the flower tightly wrap parafilm around and around until you get to the base, try to stretch it out a lot so it isn't thick..parafilm is a tape that sticks things together but best when stretched out.

Step 4

Parafilm around the base of every item going into the button hole.

Step 5

Place the leaves and textural flowers behind the flower and design and get creative looking at what sits and looks best. Either parafilm each one onto the flower, or use twine to tightly tie all the bits together.

Step 6

With a touch of craft glue wrap twine all the way around and down the stem and glue where desired.