How To Maximise Your Flower Budget And Go DIY!

Going DIY is an INCREDIBLE way to save money, get creative and enjoy the end result on your big day with pride knowing your had fun and saved LOADS of money. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to make your life easier when choosing the trendy DIY way.

DESIGN – Collate the types or colours, flowers and foliage you love. Check out my blog on how to decide on your flowers, hopefully it helps you a little. As knowing what you want will help so much in the final decision of choosing what to buy. Keep in mind t is good to have a few different textures in there, two or three different sizes and varied colours also help with making your bouquets and other flower arrangements look real.

HELP – Think of a person or two who can possibly help you put the flowers together, ideally they would be supportive of everything, from your flower choices to how you want them put together to the ribbon colour you choose. In saying that someone who has a naturally creative, good eye, experience in any kind of art, or design, maybe very helpful!

CONFIDENCE – Know you are capable of making beautiful bouquets! BELIEVE in yourself! If it doesn’t look right the first time, it doesn’t matter as being artificial you can rework your bouquet till the cows come home without damaging the flowers as the are hardy! A little quote from Goethe – “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything_happen.”

TIME – Take time to look our tutorials as they were made with YOU in mind, look at as many as you can so you get in the flow of what you need and how to do it.

MATH – Do the math! If your budget is $600 for flowers and you would love bridal party bouquets, plus table centres and ceremony decor, you are best going DIY. There are a lot of pre-made garlands, posies, bouquets, single stem leaves/bushes/bunches were you can utilise your budget and get all bases covered. On that note please message us if you would like help making your money go far in this capacity.

ORDERING – Allowing enough time is crucial for feeling relaxed while you create. I suggest ordering your flowers a good 6-12 months in advance so you can spend a Saturday – or whenever your schedule allows here and there organizing and arranging your flowers.

RESELL – To maximise your budget futher selling your bouquets, garlands and table centers is a very good way to make some money back after your day come and gone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope is was useful! Here is a link to our tutorials to help get you started.