Ruby Red/Burgundy and Blush Bouquet Tutorial…

Ruby Red/Burgundy and Blush Bouquets

This Bridal Set has a wintery snowy woodlands romantic feel and on trend with deep reds and burgundies being the colours of the times.

Step 1 - Flowers and Foliage (click photo to buy flowers and foliage)

Flowers and Foliage: x 2 Large Eucalyptus stems, x 3 dusty miller flocked x 1 Blush Pink Peony Bouquet x 1 Open Rose Bouquet Burgundy. These tutorials are for adults only and please take appropriate safety precautions when using scissors and wire cutters.

Step 2

Cut the bottom of each branch of the foliage, and separate the bouquet up. Evenly divide the flowers and foliage out, giving about six pieces to each bridesmaid pile and Ten to the brides pile. One ruby and blush flower to the bridesmaids pile and two each of the ruby and bush to the bridal pile.

Step 3

Start with the bridesmaid's posies! It is always easier leaving the biggest (Bridal's) till last so that you are really in the swing of creating your bouquets. Take the blush rose between you thumb and fingers, add in a small piece of dusty miller to the front/side.

Step 4

Now add a couple of pieces of the Dusty Miller to the back spread out.

Step 5

Add two pieces of the eucalyptus at the back between the Dusty Miller.

Step 6

Add in your ruby rose to the back between the eucalyptus or where you feel is best! Tie your posy off right at the top above you hand with some twine or ribbon (tie it tight!).

Step 7

For the Bridal bouquet do everything the same as you would in the bridesmaid posy as a first step.

Step 8

Add in the ruby red rose to one side and the blush peony bud to the other side.

Step 9

Add in the rest of the Eucalyptus to the side/front (or where you like!).

Step 10

Fill in the gaps around the sides and back with the rest of the Dusty Miller.

Step 11

Tie off your bouquet with twine or ribbon above your hand tightly!

Step 12

Admire your work before putting the finishing touches on 🙂

Step 13

For the finishing touches choose something you love, a few ideas are twine, ribbon, hessian, and lace. I decided on lace for these and after wrapping the twine around and glueing it onto the stems I then cut off about 40cm of lace and tied it on top of the twine.