How to make a simple peony, baby’s breath with foliage bouquet…

Make Your Own Simple Bouquet in 10 Easy Steps

Step 1: materials needed - click photo to buy flowers and foliage

You will need: x1 gypsophila (baby's breath) x1 Bridal veil bush x3 peonies (half a bouquet) - in addition you will also need twine, scissors and wire cutters - these additional items available at many department stores. These tutorials are for adults only and please take appropriate safety precautions when using scissors and wire cutters.

Step 2

With wire cutters cut baby's breath into pieces cutting at the bottom of each branch.

Step 3

Take your foliage and slightly splay out the brunches.

Step 4

Choose your main flower (normally the feature/biggest/best) and tread it through the centre front. This will be the front of your bouquet.

Step 5

Now place the two peonies facing out from each side to create an imperfect triangle shape.

Step 6

Take a stem of baby's breath and place it in the gaps between the foliage, working your way around the bouquet, one stem per gap.

Step 7

Check you are happy with the placement of everything. It may only take a small change to get it the way you want.

Step 8

While holding your bouquet tightly wrap a piece of twine above your hand around a couple of times and tie one knot.

Step 9

After the first knot place bouquet carefully down to finish the knot so the flowers don't move and the knot can be tightened with two hands.

Step 10

Using desired finishing material start at the top and wrap your twine, ribbon etc tightly around and around until you reach halfway down the stems then secure with a decent craft glue or pins (push pins in then up so the don't poke out the sides).