How to make an elegant Premium Rose Bouquet…

Make your own bouquet in 7 easy steps

Costs and materials: Lambs ear long stem x 1, Delicate Rose Bouquet - Cream, Gypsophila (Baby's Breath) stem x 2 You will also need scissors, wire cutters, twine, and a finishing ribbon, lace, twine or hessian - these items are available at your local Spotlight, The Warehouse, etc. These tutorials are for adults only and please take appropriate safety precautions when using scissors and wire cutters.

Step 1 - click photo above to buy flowers and foliage

Undo the tie on the rose posy so the flowers are ready to go into the bouquet. Start with the lambs ear, notice where and how I am holding it 🙂

Step 2

Place a whole stem of baby's breath between the lambs ear.

Step 3

Place the second stem of baby's breath on top of the last and on a diagonal, again notice where I am holding it and how far up or down it is in comparison to the other two stems.

Step 4

Choose your favourite and biggest bloom and place it low and at the front.

Step 5

Next take another rose and thread it through the middle of the stems and have the head of your flower higher up this time.

Step 6

Add two more roses to the sides of the bouquet and in between the first two creating an imperfect square shape with the roses.

Step 7

Finally, add the Queen Anne's lace to the middle of the bouquet and the rose flower bud to the back level with the (bridging the gap between the two lambs ear stems). Add the green leaves, 2 at the right-hand and 1 at the back. To tie your bouquet and finish it off with twine see steps 9 & 10 of the peony and baby's breath bouquet tutorial by clicking on the image above. Hope you found this helpful and easy enough to get creative and give it a whirl!