Whipped Cream with Ivy and Dusty Miller…

This set makes x 3 small bridesmaids bouquets (2 bigger) and one bridal bouquet.

Step 1 - Click photo to buy flowers and foliage

Cut the foliage into pieces, at the bottom of each brunch point. You will also need a pair of wire cutters, scissors, and ribbon. These tutorials are for adults only and please take appropriate safety precautions when using scissors and wire cutters.

Step 2

Divide the bouquet up, I gave the bridal bouquet all the white roses and a couple of peach roses, bridesmaid's the peach rose. Peony and rose bouquets evenly for the bridesmaids and giving the bridal the rest.

Step 3

Starting with a bridesmaid bouquet, with your favourite flower - as this will be the focal point at the front of your bouquet. Add two more holding the bouquet in your left hand (if right handed) behind the first flower creating a triangle shape.

Step 4

Take the hydrangea leaves (two) and place them behind and between the two back flowers, then add two pieces of the dusty miller one at the back and one to the side.

Step 5

Place the last flower in the gap near the back behind the rose, or where ever you feel the bouquet needs it. Take a piece of ivy and put it left front, bend it into a shape you like, and do the same with another piece on the right. Before you tie your bouquet off check you are happy with the overall shape and placement of everything, sometimes it takes a couple of tweaks to a few stems rather than taking the whole thing apart. Tie your bouquet above where you are holding it, nice and tightly. Repeat until all bridesmaid bouquets are made.

Step 6

Now for your bridal bouquet! Start with three flowers again, I have chosen a rose, Queens Anne lace and a David Austen rose, place them in a triangle shape.

Step 7

Behind the first three flower place a peony and a peach rose, then place a piece of dusty miller at the back, and one on each side, on an angle so it's not too uniform.

Step 8

No we are going to add another layer of flowers and foliage, starting with the left side add in a white rosem, then the green/grey leaf, another rose, a peony, another rose and coming round to right front now add in the other leaf stem and more dusty miller and the last Queens Anne lace piece.

Step 9

To finish your bridal bouquet add in the ivy, place the longest pieces at the back and one on each side (you can bend it down and into the shape you desire once you bouquet is tied as it is easier) and a shot piece for near the front.

Step 10

Tie your bouquet off above where your hand was holding it, tie is tight with a double knot. It helps to lean your bouquet at the edge of a table while tying the double knot.

Step 11

Cut stems so they are remotely even, I like then not perfect as this adds to the natural look I am after helping the flowers look more real!

Step 12

Choose the finishing touches to add onto the stems, for whipped cream I choose a velvet feel white ribbon and wanted it to dangle down, so I tied a double knot on top of the exiting tie. Cut the ribbon on an angle to create a softer line.

Step 13

Admire your work!